Award winning exhibition focused around safety and innovation, including free to attend safety training.

The prime objective of SAFESTART is to deliver a clear and coherent safety message across the entire railway industry by providing a focused platform for the industry to get together and begin the year with safety at the forefront to undertaking work on the railway or highway.


08:30     Doors open

09:15      Key Note Speaker Sessions Start

09:30     Training Dome and Innovation Dome Sessions Start

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Katie.Healy: Stakeholder Manager, CIRAS

A look at challenging behaviours and the reasons why people don’t report or raise their concerns. The only way we can improve safety is to create an environment where all staff feel they are able to voice their concerns and be able to challenge unsafe practices.


Ian Prosser CBE: Chief Inspector of Railways and Director of Railway Safety, Office of Rail and Road (ORR)


Clair Mowbray: Chief Executive, National College of High Speed Rail

Clair will talk about the new generation of the rail workforce including new emerging roles and how the college responds to the challenges of building a diverse workforce.


Mark Davies: Founder, 7Futures

Nathan Douglas Double Olympian Triple Jumper and former Captain of Team GB Athletics.

Mark will explore typical challenges to mental and physical wellbeing within a scientific peer-reviewed model of resilience and performance. Common-place issues such as fatigue, sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition can pose both short-term safety risks and long-term health risks. However, for leadership to tread a sensible path on this issue, it is helpful to place the risk within a model that does not compromise workplace performance while encouraging workers to take more  responsibility for their own health, safety and well-being.


Jim Adshead: Network Rail / Track Safety Alliance

Avoiding driver fatigue. Drowsy driving is suspected to be a primary cause in more than 20% of road fatalities. Most fatigue-related accidents occur during normal sleeping hours, and the more severe the crash, the more likely it is that the driver or drivers were fatigued.

IP Track has had its fair share of near misses where fatigue has been proven to be the issue and driving whilst fatigued is a choice people make which can result in an outcome where the consequences can be fatal. The consequences of driving whilst fatigued should also be given to the people that have to deal with those consequences as a result of a choice that somebody made.


Ciara Pryce: Group Services Director,  VGC

Modern slavery has been described as a crime hidden in plain sight. The Global Slavery Index 2016 estimated that around 11,700 people in the UK are living in modern slavery.  We all need to be aware of the risks vulnerable people face from criminal gangs. The Ethical Labour Standard (ELS) supports business to meet its human rights challenges by providing a framework for verifying ethical labour sourcing. The ILO estimates modern slavery is a $150billion worldwide industry. Due to a lack of awareness of who is working in their global supply chains, organisations and companies in the UK are at risk of having modern slavery in their business.


David Hughes: Development Director, SafeStart International

Complacency: The Silent Killer:  Advances in Neuroscience are shedding light on when and why every one of us has the tendency to go on autopilot from time to time, even when we are doing potentially risky activities (who hasn’t “lost” a few junctions on the motorway during a long drive?). Complacency leading to your mind wandering and/or the under-estimation of risk is a huge cause of injury both in the workplace and outside of it, but what can we do about this very human condition? David will explore the factors involved and demonstrate effective tools and techniques that can be utilised to fight this insidious foe.


Emma Head: Safety and Assurance Director, HS2 Ltd

Training Dome

All training sessions are free to attend but are space limited.  Places will be given on a first come first served basis. Program subject to change.


Mark Bielby CBM:  Behavioral Management Adviser, Costain

What is behavioral based Safety?


Richard McDonald: UK Corporate Business Manager, Cardiac Science

Brian Paynter: Project Director, Network Rail

How would you feel –  90 Second Defibrillator challenge?


Chris McCormack: Speedy Tool Box Talks

HAV, commonly known as vibration white finger, affects people every year and is the direct result of using vibratory tools.  This is a preventable condition and this session will outline precautions which can be taken to prevent this medical disorder.


Neil Sheehan: SafeStart International

Unlocking the Code to Human Error

To err is human the saying goes and there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t make mistakes…..lots of them unfortunately! When it comes to safety though, not all errors are created equal. During this talk Neil will explore the four critical errors that account for 95% of all injuries and, more importantly, will provide proven strategies that can be used to train people to make significantly fewer of them.


Richard McDonald: UK Corporate Business Manager, Cardiac Science

Brian Paynter: Project Director, Network Rail

How would you feel –  90 Second Defibrillator challenge?


David Masters: Samaritans: Small Talk and the power of listening’

David Masters, from Samaritans’ rail suicide prevention programme team, will introduce Samaritans services and will discuss the award-winning ‘Small Talk Saves Lives’ campaign; providing some basic tips that could potentially save a life on the railway, or in any other settings.


Chris McCormack: Speedy Tool Box Talks

Around 13,000 deaths each year from occupational lung disease and cancer are estimated to have been caused by past exposure, primarily to chemicals and dust at work. Find out more at this Speedy Tool Box Talk

Innovation Dome – Talking Tomorrows Safety Today

Stop by the Innovation Dome to learn about the latest in Safety Innovation, below is a snapshot of what will be presented throughout the day.

Motion Rail

Motion Rail has produced a virtual reality system that can give users a safe way to learn about the dangers posed by railways. This pioneering VR technology is endorsed by Network Rail for training railway workers in how to manage the hazardous environments while working on or near the tracks.
A not-for-profit arm of the business was then established, to take the technology into schools to educate children in the dangers they could face around railways. This VR technology will be on display at the Motion Rails stand at SafeStart19 in the Innovation Zone.

Senceive Ltd

Presenting the  ODS (Optical Displacement Sensor). This is a completely wireless laser displacement monitoring device with a repeatability of +/- 0.15mm even at it’s maximum range of 150m. It is waterproofed to IP66/68 rating and also includes an integrated triaxial tilt sensor.
The ability to remotely monitor sub-mm movements in rail and construction helps eliminate risk to site workers and the public itself. At a 1-2 second reporting rate, it essentially gives near-real time data to aid prediction and act as an early warning system. The device can send SMS text message alerts at “trigger levels” as well as remotely capture images when connecting to the 3G FlatMesh camera, so that you can have a clear view of movement even in the most remote locations. All our wireless solutions are easy to install and can all be remotely configured and updated. With a battery life of over 12 years, no maintenance and human intervention is also not required so it saves people from having to go into potential dangerous environments.

Also just launched is the long-range GeoWAN platform that can now offer a wireless range of up to 15Km.

Safety PAL

Safety PAL has a unique and inspiring solution for Fatigue; live data is recorded and then recalled for planning and rostering . Fatigue management and reporting is linked with projects and all other essential H&S requirements with Safety PAL reducing inefficiencies, risk and costs


Showcase Innovative Welfare Solutions :

Mobile Expandable Wellness Unit (MEWU). This complete welfare unit has been developed to provide clean, hygienic and secure welfare and bathroom facilities for every trackside worker.

Select-Protect Border System. The system has been specifically developed as an enhancement to the Safe System at Work (SSW), acting as an extra layer of protection, that fortifies the SSW with automated UWB radio technology.

Thorzt is a hydration mineral supplement which has been developed to target fatal dehydration. Unlike conventional hydration supplements, the Thorzt formula contains branch-chain amino acids to increase protein synthesis and minimise fatigue.


3M will launch their third generation of 3M™  Aura™ respirators. Bringing numerous improvements, combining impressive new technology with ergonomic design, the new Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve opens more easily to help reduce heat inside the respirator, delivering a more comfortable wearer experience.

Wacker Neuson Ltd

Innovation is very much at the heart of Wacker Neuson with new products including our dual view dumper and remote control triple set. Both products are built especially for operator safety and productivity. An ever increasing range of battery and electric products support the needs of those who wish to reduce their harmful emissions.